Everything You Should Know About The Classy Sherlock Pipes


Have you ever heard about an iconic smoking pipe that is very famous among smokers? The Sherlock pipe is essential for smokers; they are classy and familiar because of their signature shape. Moreover, there are more benefits available than its stylish design. 

The name Sherlock pipe became famous because of the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. The stem has a long curve with a deep bowl. They are unique in their design and give you smoother and better hits. They are readily available online, along with an accessible shipping facility. Additionally, most of the dealers provide helpline numbers for any order-related queries. You can return the product with the defect for free and very quickly.

There is more to know about the Sherlock pipes than their signature and design.


The smoke kit is designed so that the smoke cools down when it travels through the mouthpiece. The long curved stem cools down the smoke as it passes from the bowl to the mouth. It also prevents heat and harsh hits that could give you a cough.

The curved bowls are deeper in these smoke kits. They are perfect for solo and group sessions. This type of smoke kit gives you longer smoking sessions.


The Sherlock pipes are made up of metal, wood, and glass. The types in which these kits are available are mentioned.

Metal Pipes:

Metal pipes are available in different colors and styles. They are easy to maintain and clean. You can get smoother hits using them.

Glass Pipes:

These glass kits are more suitable for quality smoke and are easy to clean.

Wooden Pipes:

Most parts of these kits are made of wood. However, the mouthpiece is made of plastic, and the bowl is deeper in shape. There are many excellent and stylish wood pipe designs available. 

Gandalf Pipes:

Gandalf is another signature pipe that resembles the sherlock pipes. The necks of these pipes are longer than the sherlock pipes. The bowl is deep and round in these designs. You will get powerful hits using these smoke kits.

Factors To Consider

A Sherlock pipe comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are some factors you should consider while choosing one.

  • Bowl Size

The size of the bowl differs from the length of the pipes. You should choose the bowl size depending on your smoking habit: solo or a deep session. Deeper and medium bowl size is recommended for the large group setting.

  • Pipe Material

These smoke kits are available in wood, metal, and glass materials. So it is recommended to choose the material depending on the herb you use and the maintenance required.

  • Pipe Length

It is not only the material or bowl size that impacts the quality of smoke. The length of the pipe also affects the smoke. Long stems are suitable for the solo smoke setting. Smaller pipe lengths give you the purest form of herb smoke.

Bottom Line

The iconic name Sherlock pipe is earned for a reason. These kits stand unique in their style and design. Whether looking for a kit that gives stylish design, smoother hits, and less maintenance, you should choose the smoke kits after considering the factors and benefits. These pipes are indeed essential for your collection list.

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