Hellhades Class Guide


The descent into Hades is a common motif in ancient myths and religions. In some, heroes descend into Hades to rescue or defeat death. Others, such as gods, descend to Hades to rule over their opponents. These reoccurring rituals often occur during the recurring seasons of the agricultural year. The Old Testament does not specifically mention human descent into the underworld, though Saul summoned the prophet Samuel through a witch of Endor. However, the Law forbids prophets and other dead people from consulting with the dead.


Venom Storm is Hellhades’ signature skill. This attack deals massive damage to all enemies within range. Venom Storm deals 75% poison damage and 60% debuff on DEF. It also ignores block damage, shields, and unkillable buffs. It also grants an Extra Turn and rests the Venom Storm skill cooldown when you kill two enemies. In addition to being highly effective, Venom Storm is a useful tool when you want to deal more damage to enemies.

During the course of the combat phase, Hellhades‘ attack deals significant damage to enemies. It reduces the target’s Turn Meter by 25%. The attack also has a 20% chance of placing a Decrease DEF debuff on the target, and reduces the Turn Meter by 25%. This attack is effective against Champions from the Banner Lord Factions. Those who use this attack should be careful, however. Taking down a boss with a single Hex Attack is risky.

The damage from Hellhades is high and lasts for a long time. The attack also causes all enemies to be healed for 7.5% of their MAX HP. It also places the True Fear debuff on certain champions. If the target dies, Hellhades also increases all allies’ attack rate and damage. This effect is highly effective for killing enemies and boosting your team’s health and overall damage. It’s a great choice for the ultimate teamfight!

In addition, the Champion heals all allies with a 30% heal after attacking 1 enemy. Additionally, he transfers all enemy debuffs, including Stacks, on the target enemy. Whenever the target’s debuffs are removed, Hellhades will ignore 10% of its target’s DEF. This effect has a significant impact on the fight and is especially useful during teamfights. While Hellhades attacks are an extremely effective tool for any player, they are still limited to use during the initial stages of a game.

Damage multipliers

The Hellhades class focuses on damage, and its strengths and weaknesses are discussed in this guide. The Hellhades skill increases damage with a specific formula. The damage increase is based on your current level and the stats of the target character. There are several ways to calculate the damage multipliers of a class. However, you need to be aware that not every skill will work in all situations. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one.


Hellhades is a champion with a high Mastery of Slaughter. This skill increases your attack by 5% or 10% depending on your chosen champion’s set. It also increases your damage dealt to targets that are under a shield buff or less than 40% HP. Besides this, it also increases the damage that your allies inflict on your enemies. Unlike the other champions, the Hellhades champion will not get hit by enemy skills if he is under a shield.

This mastery increases your SPD when you kill an enemy and stacks up to 18 SPD. If you’re looking to make your turn meter higher in Arena, this is the perfect champion. The damage that is inflicted by your champion will also increase 8% for the first hit and 6% for every subsequent attack on an enemy with more HP than your own. This makes it a great champion to use on your Skullcrown if you get hit by an enemy.

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