How Old is Mirabel in Encanto?


Whenever you watch a romantic comedy, you are likely to wonder how old the characters are in the movie. And the answer to this question is not a simple one. In fact, it can be quite surprising. Especially when you discover that some of the most famous actors and actresses are quite young.

Mariano Guzman

Among the main characters of Encanto is Mariano Guzman, who is a young man whose love for his cousin Dolores is well-known. Mariano’s mother probably was worried about his future. In fact, she opted for the magical Madrigal family because she wanted to give her son a better life.

The Madrigals are a family of superhumans who have unique powers. Their house has a magical charm that protects the village from danger. The Madrigals’ gift is a form of super strength, which enables them to save the lives of people. The three children of the family are also super-strong. However, the oldest of the trio, Alma, is not very close to her family. She is an aloof and distant person, and she does not share her love with her family.

The youngest of the Madrigals is Antonio, a man who has the ability to shape-shift. This ability will allow him to communicate with animals. In addition, he has the gift of seeing the future.

The oldest Madrigal, Alma, is the head of the family. She is a 75-year-old woman who is a little more reserved than her siblings.

Despite her aloofness, Alma is a fierce guardian of the family. Alma is also the creator of Encanto. She was inspired by her son Pedro, who sacrificed his young life to save the triplets. As a result of Pedro’s sacrifice, Encanto was born.

The shortest member of the Madrigals is Mirabel, who is 15 years old. This is not her first time being the main character of a movie. Her mother is played by Angie Cepeda. She also played the role of the girl in the Love in the Time of Cholera movie.

Alma Madrigal

Among the many characters in Disney’s Encanto, Alma Madrigal is a key figure. She holds a lot of power, both within the Madrigal family and throughout the entire community. She is the matriarch of the family and is responsible for overseeing all of the magic that goes on within the village.

When she was young, Alma was very cheerful. She had a great love for her husband, Pedro. They fell in love, got married, and had three children. Unfortunately, Alma lost her husband during an invasion of their village.

Alma tries to protect her family from the invaders, but she is not very successful. Alma’s husband was killed, and Alma was left to take care of her three children. She helps her family rebuild their home. She helps to strengthen their bonds as a family, and also helps to restore magic in their village.

Alma has a few qualms about her daughter, Mirabel. Her daughter is not as magical as her sisters are, and she is not always happy about that. She also does not have the power of healing, like her sisters do. She is determined to prove her worth.

Alma has a lot of expectations of her children. She believes that family is the best miracle. She is also dedicated to keeping her family’s reputation clean. She tells her children to clean their rooms. She also tells them to be proud of their family.

Alma also has a lot of expectations of her children’s future. She wants them to be good citizens of the village. She also wants them to be good parents. She wants them to have the best of everything.

Antonio Madrigal

During the first act of Disney’s Encanto, Antonio and his younger cousin Mirabel are featured. While the film is primarily about family, it also features notable animals. The characters have their own unique and personal secrets.

Antonio is the youngest of the Madrigal family. He lives in the nursery with his cousin Mirabel. He is shy and has the gift of communicating with animals. He can communicate with animals like tapirs, hummingbirds, capybaras, and toucans.

Encanto is a Disney animated film that takes place in 2021. It follows the Madrigal family, particularly the youngest members, as they deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up. It also features some of the most memorable animal companions, including a saguar, a leopard, a toucan, and a tapir.

The film is a tribute to family and their importance in everyone’s lives. It is also about the power of the little things. While many of the characters are oblivious to the power of their own gift, the family is able to work together to keep their magic intact.

Mirabel and Antonio form a bond that makes Mirabel realize that there is hope for her family. They share a bedroom in the nursery and help each other out. The two of them have a unique relationship and share a special place in each other’s heart.

The film starts with a magic candle that grants Antonio the ability to talk to animals. The candle is also the main reason why the main character of the film is named Antonio.

The most significant and impressive thing about the gift is that it makes Antonio feel like a part of the family. He also has a magical toucan that he communicates with.

Louisa Madrigal

Whether you’re a fan of Disney’s new animated film Encanto or not, you have probably wondered how old is Mirabel and how old are the other characters in this movie. These characters are a huge part of the film and have many different powers and abilities. We took a look at how old is Luisa, Isabela, and Agustin.

Luisa is the youngest of the Madrigals family. She was born on November 14, 1999. She is the second daughter of Julieta and Agustin Madrigal. She has super strength.

Luisa is also a singer. Her song is called Waiting on a Miracle. It’s a love letter to Miranda, her real life sister.

She is also a stuffed animal enthusiast. Her room has bars to swing across, weights to hang on, and a shower. Luisa also has a love for unicorns.

Encanto is the 60th feature film from the Walt Disney Animation Studio. It’s set in a magical version of Colombia. It’s also the studio’s first film set in South America. It’s also one of the studio’s most successful animated films. It’s been released to Disney+ on Christmas Eve 2021. It has also been a major internet sensation.

Encanto’s writer, Jared Bush, says that ages can be deceptive. When someone loses their strength, they can become pressured or distressed. Luisa often takes on a physical role in the community and sometimes has to carry the emotional burden of the community.

Another Encanto character that has been a source of confusion is Agustin Madrigal. He’s the oldest of the Madrigals family, but he’s not the first born. He doesn’t have the magical gift that other Madrigals have. He’s also a clumsy character.


Among the three triplets of the Encanto family, Julieta is the oldest. However, her age in the film is still not known, as it’s not explicitly stated. In fact, her age is a matter of debate on social media platforms. Several people say she’s about 25 years old, while others say she’s 50.

She’s the mother of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel. She is the oldest daughter of Alma and Pedro. Her mother, Alma, is the matriarch of the family. Julieta married her husband Agustin despite his clumsy nature.

Julieta is a sweet and caring caretaker. She treats people with injuries and illnesses, providing healing to those in need. She also makes people smile by making them eat delicious foods.

She also possesses a healing ability, which allows her to transfer magical healing powers to food. She uses this gift to heal Mirabel’s hand. She also uses it to cure Agustin’s bee stings.

Julieta’s hair is styled in a messy updo with a bun. She wears light brown flat shoes and gold pearl earrings. She also has a green ribbon tied around her apron. Her apron has various herbs in its pockets.

Julieta is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her hair is dark brown with silver highlights. Her eyes are hazel. She’s slightly chubbier than her siblings. She wears light brown flat shoes and an apron tied with a green ribbon.

She has a close relationship with her mother, Alma. Alma is a community leader, and Julieta respects her as such. However, Julieta can’t stand Alma’s controlling nature. She believes that Alma put too much pressure on Mirabel. However, Julieta still showers Mirabel with love and praise. She also shows concern for other members of her family, especially the younger ones.

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