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Drew Desbordes is known online as Druski. He is an American comedian who has worked with a number of rappers through music videos, sketches, and collaborations. He has also partnered with Jack Harlow and Drake. Read on to find out more about Druski’s height, weight, and parents. Here are some of his most famous videos. You can also check out his YouTube channel to see more of his work.

Drew Desbordes

Druski is the online moniker of Drew Desbordes, a comedian whose sketches and music videos have worked with a number of rappers, including Drake and Jack Harlow. Known for his zany and sometimes controversial sketches, Drew has gained a following of millions. However, it is not always clear why these collaborations work so well. This article will provide an overview of some of the best collaborations between Desbordes and the various rappers.

Born in Maryland, Drew Desbordes grew up in Georgia. He studied at Gwinnett College, and often performed comedy skits during school events. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in an acclaimed university but dropped out midway. The result was the comedy career that has lasted nearly a decade. Desbordes’ parents, who are both accomplished professionals, were disappointed when their son abandoned college to pursue a career in entertainment. His grandmother threatened to cut him off if he continued his college education.

While most YouTube users have come to know him as a comedian, he actually started as a vlogger. However, he created his own sketch shows and a comedy series on YouTube to promote himself. His most famous sketches involved characters he created, and he has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. On Twitter, he has a following of over 500 thousand followers, and has 50k subscribers on YouTube.


If you are wondering how tall is Druski, the first place to look is on the Internet. As far as the netizens are concerned, Druski is a tall man who is 6 feet two inches. But what is his weight? This question is still unanswered. Despite his large height, Druski manages to maintain a muscular physique. Currently, he weighs around 67 Kg. His body measurements are also a mystery, but he has over six thousand followers on Instagram and over 365 thousand followers on Twitter.

Born on September 12, 1994, Druski2Funny is an American Internet celebrity. He is best known for his hilarious and eye-catching comedy videos and content on social media websites. He was raised in Maryland and holds an American nationality. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and has black hair. His height is unknown, but he does stand at a height that is relatively average for his age. In addition to his height, Druski’s age is 26 years old.

Drew Desbordes is an internet star, social media influencer, and comedian. He has a net worth of about 600k to seven hundred thousand dollars. His parents are Capt. David McLain and Cheryl Desbordes. The comedian is currently based in Maryland and has a net worth of around 700k. If you want to learn more about his height and weight, check out the articles below. And remember, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram!


Comedian Drake’s friendship with comedy star Druski has been well documented in the media. The two collaborated on a music video for ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ and he even joked about signing Drake to his fake imprint, Coulda Been Records. They both also appeared in each other’s live streams and Druski jokingly said he would sign Drake. Drake and Druski’s friendship was also a topic of conversation during his interview on the 2020 No Jumper show.

Drew Desbordes is a comedian who has a net worth of 600-700 thousand dollars. He started out by posting funny videos on social media. He later enrolled in a prestigious university but decided to quit his studies midway to focus on his comedy career. His father, a retired Air Force officer, is a Wall of Honor nominee at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. His mother, Cheryl Desbordes, works for the state health department.

The weight of the actor is unknown. Despite his husky, cool persona, it is unclear how much Druski weighs. However, we do know that he was once a member of the American girl band Danity Kane. The band dissolved in 2009, but it reformed in late 2013 with three of the original members. His weight remains unknown. It is unclear whether Druski is gay or not.


The parents of comedian and Internet personality Druski are both college graduates. His father attended Howard University and joined the ROTC program. His accomplishments led him to be awarded a scholarship to the U.S. Air Force Academy. He later completed flight officer training, a civilian job, and a commercial pilot license with United Airlines. While his mother did not give him much praise as a child, she now understands that her son has done well and has grown into a successful comedian.

Druski has been featured in Drake’s new music video, “Call Me Maybe,” and is slated to host J. Cole’s Off-Season Tour next summer. His career began when he wanted to demonstrate his talent and impress his family. Although his parents were hesitant, he did eventually reveal his passion, and soon gained over three million followers on Instagram. But he still had his detractors.

Despite his diversified background, Druski has become one of the most famous comedians in recent years. While some have criticized his comedic work for glorifying sexual harassment, he is attempting to make a positive impact. In his stand-up routines, he impersonates toxic figures from various fields, such as celebrities, business owners, and politicians. Despite his comic talent, many social media users have called for Druski’s cancellation. Among those who have called for the show’s cancellation are those who are concerned that the comedian is making a statement about sexual harassment.


A comedian with an incredible talent, The Career of Druski is a rising star with multi-faceted skills. Growing up in Georgia, Druski always had a knack for comedy. While in college, he studied at Georgia Southern University and Georgia Gwinnett College. But he dropped out of both to pursue his comedy career. Despite his success on the internet, he is still unsure what is next for him.

While Druski’s popularity has grown in recent years, some people have expressed their displeasure with his rap personas. Although Druski’s skit was aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment, it has also drawn criticism on social media. While Druski has been defended by some viewers, others have accused him of glorifying rap culture and promoting sexual harassment. A recent video, which was deleted, featured niggas referring to themselves as “this ______” and homies. Sadly, some rap fans took issue with this comedian’s use of the term.

The comedian’s popularity has grown so quickly that his Instagram videos are widely shared. His impersonations of nearly everyone are hilarious, and he has been criticized for a video in which he forces women to drink. Drew Desbordes, Druski’s real name, was born in Maryland and raised in Gwinnett, GA. His upbringing in such a diverse region has given him the versatility of being a chameleon on the internet.

Net worth

As an Internet celebrity, Druski has a lot of net worth. The US-based YouTube star has received a lot of attention for his work on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. His income is largely from YouTube, but he also earns money from his brand deals, merchandising endeavors, and social media pages. His estimated net worth is $200k to $300k.

Drew Desbordes, a comedian, has a net worth of between 600k and 700k USD. His parents are Capt. David McLain Desbordes and Cheryl Desbordes. In addition, Druski has been featured on Complex Magazine and has appeared on the cover of the magazine alongside Jack Harlow. His dad is a Wall of Honor nominee at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Druski has a fantastic collection of branded shoes and sneakers at home. As of September 2021, Drew’s Instagram account has more than 3.1 million followers.

Instagram superstar Druski2Funny has a net worth of $10,000. He has over one million followers and shares his posts on his website. His parents are not well-known, but he has brothers. His education is a strong asset and he uses Instagram to spread positivity. His posts on Instagram have a very high engagement rate and many other interesting facts about Druski. If you want to know more about Druski’s net worth, read on!

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