How to Set Up a Student VPortal


You may be wondering how to set up your Student vportal. It’s actually a little bit more complicated than you might think. Luckily, there are some easy steps to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more. Here are some useful tips for creating a Student vportal. Here are a few examples:

Student’s vportal

The student’s vPortal is a single login that includes all applications needed for school, such as the grade book, password management, eBook versions of textbooks, and other school-related software. The vPortal is a great way to simplify the login process, as students will only need one password to access everything. Parents will appreciate that parents can now view their child’s grades and other information from the convenience of their own PC.

The vPortal also allows students to customize their applications, launching them all in one place. Students use the VPORTAL daily to access Canvas, Makerspace Missions, and grades in Focus. Upon accessing the vPortal, students will see different tiles, such as “MS Office”. This will allow students to use all the tools of Microsoft Office online without having to install any software. The Vportal can also display Outlook, which makes it easy for students to access their grade report from anywhere in the world.

Student’s vperson

When you are a parent and you want to have access to your child’s grades and progress monitoring results, you can activate a student’s VPerson in the VPortal. If your child is in EPISD and you want to activate their registration, you will need to visit the campus’ administrative office. If you are a parent and want to activate your student’s registration, you will need to ask the school’s network administrator for permission.

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