Is Queen Sugar an Escort on Humaniplex?


Ashley Nicole Lilly

If you are a Humaniplex member in Orange County, you probably were alerted by a blog post earlier this week that a killer was on the loose. This prompted a discussion about women’s safety. Many commenters wondered if the investigation was slow because Lilly was an escort. And others were concerned that Lilly was African American.

One blogger wrote that he was recently a customer of Lilly. He also expressed his remorse for her family. Another said he had seen Lilly at Blizzcon and thought she was scruffy. However, he was unable to confirm that she was a Humaniplex member.

According to the Garden Grove police department, the cause of death is unknown. But they are searching for an escort who may have been involved in the death. They are attempting to piece together an extensive network of acquaintances for Lilly, and said that finding the perpetrator was a top priority.

The Humaniplex website is not yet clear whether or not the woman who was found dead in a Crowne Plaza hotel in Garden Grove is a member. Although they have not confirmed her membership, they do not rule out the possibility that she is. In the meantime, the police are looking into the Humaniplex in Orange County.

Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar is a 24-year-old Los Angeles resident who registers with the Humaniplex website in January of this year. She says she has a good sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders. As for her other qualities, she claims to be kind, sweet, and not too needy. The Humaniplex website states she is an escort in Orange County. However, Garden Grove police could not confirm that she is a member of the site.

The Humaniplex website also offers an eroticmonkey account called ShyGoneWild, which features no black men, but instead PSE (pornographic sexual entertainment), DFK (does not necessarily have to be male), and CFS (contraceptive-friendly). If you’re looking for a good time, you can always check out ShyGoneWild. It’s available 24/7 and offers no haggling or black-market tactics. Unlike many other sites, there are no hidden costs. You can even get free access if you sign up for a membership.

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