Maximizing Azumarill’s Potential in Tera Raid Battles


Are you tired of your Azumarill being the weak link in your Tera Raid Battles? Do you wish it could contribute more to your team’s success and take down those pesky raid bosses with ease? Look no further, because we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you maximize Azumarill’s potential in Tera Raid Battles. With a little bit of strategy and training, your Azumarill will become an indispensable member of your team, taking on any challenge that comes its way. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Azumarill in Tera Raid Battles

Azumarill is a relatively new addition to the world of Tera, but it has quickly become a fan favorite due to its unique abilities and playstyle. While Azumarill is often overshadowed by other classes in terms of raw damage output, it more than makes up for it with its versatile utility skills and its ability to buff and debuff enemies. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Azumarill in order to make the most of its potential in Tera raid battles.

Azumarill’s main role in raid battles is that of a support/buffer, but it can also deal decent damage when properly equipped and skilled. Azumarill has two main skillsets that it uses in battle: Aqua Jet and Bubble Beam. Aqua Jet is a powerful water-based attack that can knock back and stun enemies, while Bubble Beam is a long-range attack that can debuff enemies with slow and blindness. In addition to these two skillsets, Azumarill also has access to a variety of utility skills that can be used to buff allies or debuff enemies.

When selecting gear for Azumarill, it’s important to focus on items that will increase its water damage output as well as its ability to debuff enemies. Azumarill works well with both melee and ranged weapons, so feel free to experiment with different loadouts to find what works best for you and your team. With the right gear and build, Azumarill

What Makes Azumarill a Good Choice for Raids?

Azumarill is a good choice for raids due to its high base stats, access to Intimidate, and its ability to use STAB moves like Aqua Jet and Play Rough. Azumarill’s high base stats make it a strong physical attacker, and its access to Intimidate allows it to lower the enemy’s Attack stat, making it easier for your team to take them down. Azumarill can also use STAB moves like Aqua Jet and Play Rough to deal extra damage to enemies, making it a valuable asset in any raid battle.

Strategies and Tactics for Using Azumarill Effectively in Raids

When it comes to taking down big raid bosses, Azumarill can be a real asset. Here are some tips on how to make the most of this little Pokémon’s strengths:

1) Use Azumarill’s massive HP pool to your advantage. When other Pokémon are getting worn down, Azumarill can come in and take a few hits without fainting. This can be especially useful when trying to take down a boss with powerful attacks.

2) Take advantage of Azumarill’s Fairy typing. Many raid bosses are weak to Fairy-type moves, so using Azumarill’s STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves can do a lot of damage.

3) Use Azumarill’s Aqua Jet ability to your advantage. Aqua Jet allows Azumarill to attack first even if it is slower than the opponent. This can be useful for taking out an opponent’s weaker Pokémon before they have a chance to attack.

4) Use Azumarill’s Belly Drum ability to boost its Attack stat. Belly Drum will halve Azumarill’s HP, but in return its Attack stat will be doubled. This can be a risky move, but if used correctly it can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

5) Keep an eye on Azumarill’s HP and status conditions. Because of its large HP pool, Azumarill can take a lot of punishment, but it is not immune to status conditions

Best Gear and Mods for Azumarill in Raids

Azumarill is a powerhouse in Tera raids, and with the right gear and mods, it can be an unstoppable force. Here are the best gear and mods for Azumarill to make the most of its potential in Tera raid battles.


For gear, Azumarill should focus on two things: raw damage output and survivability. To that end, the best choices for gear are weapons and armor that emphasize those respective stats.

For weapons, look for anything that boosts attack power or critical hit chance. For armor, look for anything that boosts health or defense. Some specific recommendations include the following:

Weapon: Infernal Waraxe (boosts attack power) or Doombringer (boosts critical hit chance)

Armor: Mithril Breastplate (boosts health) or Adamantium Armor (boosts defense)


There are a few key modifications that will help boost Azumarill’s performance in raids. For starters, increase its damage output with mods that boost attack power or critical hit chance. Additionally, increase its survivability with mods that boost health or defense. And finally, give it some utility with mods that improve its crowd control abilities or increase its movement speed.

Tips for Building an Effective Azumarill Raid Team

When it comes to building an effective Azumarill raid team in Tera, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, Azumarill should be paired with a strong tank that can take the brunt of the damage and keep the rest of the team safe. In addition, Azumarill works well with teammates that can deal lots of damage quickly, as its own damage output is relatively slow. Finally, it’s important to have some form of healing on the team to keep everyone alive and healthy throughout the battle.

With these things in mind, here are a few tips for building an effective Azumarill raid team:

1. Make sure to pair Azumarill with a strong tank. The tank will be responsible for taking most of the damage and keeping the rest of the team safe, so it’s important to choose someone who can handle this role well.

2. Choose teammates that can deal lots of damage quickly. Azumarill’s own damage output is relatively slow, so it’s important to have other members of the team that can make up for this deficiency.

3. Don’t forget about healing! It’s important to have some form of healing on the team to keep everyone alive and healthy throughout the battle. A dedicated healer or two should do the trick nicely.

following these tips should help you put together an effective Azumarill raid team that stands a good chance at success in Tera’s many challenging


Azumarill can be a powerful ally in Tera Raid Battles, but it takes proper preparation and strategy to maximize its potential. By focusing on the strengths of Azureamrill’s moveset, building an effective party around it, and utilizing unique strategies tailored for each fight, you can prepare your team for success. With these tips in mind, you should now have all the information necessary to make the most out of your Azumarill and get ready to crush any raid battles ahead!

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