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If you want to create a new profile picture, you can easily find this website using the search bar or menu bar on your PC. In addition, it is also available as an app for Android devices which you can easily download from the Google Play store. The website is free of charge and will allow you to add unlimited profile pictures to your profiles.

User reviews

NewProfilePic has a reputation for collecting a large amount of personal data. While the company has not released any official data, a spokesperson for Linerock Investments said that the app was initially registered in Moscow, where the founder lived. However, the company later changed the address of its domain registration to avoid confusion. Some experts believe the app may be a scam and have raised concerns about it. The NewProfilePic app has standard permissions for a social networking app and its data is stored on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure servers in the US. Other popular apps, such as Snapchat, collect similar information.

New Profile Pic is an application that allows users to create a virtual portrait. It is backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and offers several filters and fancy art effects. The user interface of the app is simple, yet the results are quite impressive. While the company does not offer any guarantees or refunds, it does offer an attractive package of benefits for users.

Some users are concerned that their personal data will be transferred to Russia. Experts, however, say that such fears are unfounded. The company collects personal data and charges users for premium access. The app also collects credit card details. Users should consider this in light of their own privacy.

The Newprofilepic application has gained tremendous popularity on social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. Many users of the application posted modified selfies on their accounts, which were widely shared. The Newprofilepicture application is available on Android 5.1 and up. To install it, users must have access to photos, Wi-Fi, and a camera. The app is updated frequently and supports the latest AI technology.

Privacy policy

NewProfilePic is a photo-sharing app that allows you to share location and photos. However, the privacy policy for this app is unclear. Although it claims that the application does not collect personal information, it may not. In fact, it may collect data about your activities on the site and on other apps.

The app is available for Android and iOS users. To download it, go to You’ll be asked to grant the app full network access and to access data from the internet. This policy is similar to those of other popular apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Before downloading any new apps, read the privacy policies carefully.

Some social media users have feared that New Profile Pic might steal their personal information. Others claimed that the company was linked to the Kremlin, had malware, and was taking money from their accounts. But when it comes to privacy policies, most users find that they are safe. However, if you are looking for a photo sharing app that is not affiliated with your country, you should be very careful.

A new profile picture app is spreading rumors on Russian social networks and Russian applications. It collects personal information and may even collect credit card details. Some users are concerned that the information is being transferred to Russia. However, experts say that such allegations are unfounded. If you are considering purchasing a premium account, make sure to read the fine print to find out what this new app has to say about privacy.

Scam alert

While the NewProfilePic app might not seem like a scam, it’s important to remain cautious when sharing personal information with unknown entities. The United States has placed sanctions on Russia and other nations for violating them, which could lead to cyberattacks from these countries. President Biden has warned that such attacks may occur as soon as 2022. Twitter users have also warned that the app could be used to target U.S. citizens.

In addition to its use of your App Store account information, New Profile Pic may be a phishing scam. However, the company behind the app claims that it is not a scam and is not using your personal information to steal your money. According to the company, the app is developed by Informe Laboratories, Inc.

New Profile Pic is a popular app that allows users to turn their profile pictures into beautiful works of art. The app is available in the Apple Store and has gained huge popularity. However, some users have criticized the app as a scam, and a recent Daily Mail article claimed that the app is run by Russian hackers.

Is it a scam?

The new profile picture application promises to be free, but in reality it costs $5 to use, unless you donate. It isn’t affiliated with Facebook, but is created by independent developers. The main purpose of the application is to change your Facebook profile picture. The developers warn that it’s important to use caution when downloading new apps and websites, and warn that if you’re not careful, you might end up sharing personal information with unauthorized third parties.

The website for NewProfilePic isn’t legitimate. It doesn’t point to the application’s page, and it is close to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The company that’s behind the app also has a long history of stealing users’ information. This means that it may be a scam.

Some social media users have complained about this app, claiming that it’s a scam. They claim the app collects personal information from their accounts and tries to sell it to advertisers. This is a bad idea – you might end up being cheated of your hard-earned cash.

New Profile Picture is a photo-editing application that’s available on the App store or the website. It uses artificial intelligence to change your profile picture and other photos. The picture you created can be downloaded to your camera roll or set as your Facebook profile picture. It is available on iOS and Android.

Is it worth it?

The New Profile Picture app is generating buzz on social media, especially in Russian circles. The app reportedly gathers personal information from its users, including credit card information. It even charges users for premium access. The developer claims to be based in Moscow, but it is still unclear about this fact.

While the popularity of the NewProfilePic app is undeniable, the site’s price tag is a concern for some users. It’s not hard to see why this application is so popular – dozens of smartphone apps go viral each year – from hot games to photo editors. And as long as the apps are safe, they’re probably worth downloading and using.

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