Robert Cremo – A Closer Look


The news has been full of the story of Robert Cremo. From the threat to kill his son to the YouTube video where he talks about buying five guns in Illinois. You have to be pretty sick to think that this guy is in the news and has a social media footprint of this size. Let’s take a look at the details of his life and see what we can learn about him.

Social media footprint

Robert Cremo’s social media footprint shows that he may have fallen into a dark, alternate reality subculture. Such a community can promote nihilism, violence, and despair. It also reduces the natural reluctance to engage in violence.

Mr Cremo has been identified as a person of interest in the Highland Park mass shooting that left six people dead. He was apprehended and taken into custody in Lake Forest, Illinois. The incident triggered a massive search for Cremo, and researchers discovered an extensive trail of digital activity linked to him. However, experts say it is impossible to determine whether Cremo is mentally ill or not.

The man known as “Awake the Rapper” posted a disturbing image of a man with a gun on his YouTube page. This is just one of a series of violent videos that have been uncovered by extremist researchers.

Researchers have also found evidence of Cremo’s use of Discord, a chat service devoted to online gaming. In a Discord post dated January 5, 2022, Mr Cremo said that “everyone who was a member of the SS discord channel is dead”.

According to reports, Cremo had a Discord server that was renamed to SS. His Discord page featured an array of nihilistic political memories. Some of the tweets he “liked” contained endorsements of the arrest of every Congress member who helped organize the January 6th mass shooting.

Although his profile remains unclear, analysts agree that Cremo fits the growing mass shooter profile. He is a member of a dark online subculture that glorifies violence, and he appears to be envisioning mass shootings.

Researchers are looking into Cremo’s social media footprint and his music to see whether there is a link between his behavior and the tragic events of the Highland Park shooting. They believe the two may be related.


If you are a fan of rap music, you may have heard of Bobby Cremo. He is a YouTube vlogger and rapper, and has a net worth of over $100,000. His nickname is “Awake the Rapper” and he has an unofficial IMDB movie page.

Cremo was arrested on Tuesday. He was wearing a hat that looked like an FBI badge. The hat’s main function was to shield the man’s face from the glare of a police officer’s spotlight. As a result, Cremo is being held without bail.

Cremo was spotted with a high powered rifle, which he later used in the attack. The firearm was purchased legally in the state of Illinois.

It is not clear if this was a coincidence or a case of miscalculation. Cremo was also spotted with a small amount of blood on his hands, which could have been from the shooter. After the shooting, he was chased down by police. However, he managed to get to the roof of the shop before he was stopped. During the melee, he managed to fire more than 70 rounds into the crowd.

Although the shooting was relatively mild compared to the Newtown massacre, it still was a gruesome event. In addition to the victims, the incident caused the evacuation of the neighborhood and the shutting down of many businesses. One person died and several were injured. Some of the victims had to be treated in the hospital and others had their homes damaged.

Although the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity, the homicide was a clear signal that Chicago’s streets are dangerous. Hopefully, the authorities will be able to determine if the shooter had a plan in mind.

Threats to kill his son

Cremo, whose name is Bob, lived with a relative at the time. He was not arrested. A concerned family member reported that Crimo had knives. The knives were returned to the father.

The father, Bob, said he had a “mental health problem”. His son received treatment, but did not receive an order of protection.

It is not clear how much of the gunman’s online activities were monitored. Cremo posted violent videos and songs online, and authorities are investigating. There is also an apparent threat to kill his family.

Among the weapons found at the home were a Remington 700 rifle and a Kel Tech Sub2000. Police say he bought five guns legally in the last year.

Highland Park police have not been able to identify a motive for the shooting. Prosecutors have promised additional charges. However, they could not talk about the investigation publicly.

The incident left more than three dozen people injured. It has led to calls for increased gun control. In 2013, Highland Park banned large-capacity ammunition magazines.

The incident is the latest in a string of gun violence in the United States. There have been several church shootings and school shootings in recent months. Many visitors mistakenly thought the gunshots were fireworks.

In the months before the attack, a family member feared for their safety. They told police that the younger Cremo threatened to kill everyone.

After the shooting, police said Cremo hid for eight hours. He then went to his mother’s house. He then attempted suicide.

When he failed, Cremo escaped. He disguised himself as a woman. The police discovered him a month later.

Cremo has no previous criminal record. He is currently in custody without bail. But prosecutors have promised to charge him with dozens more crimes.

Legally purchased five firearms in Illinois

After a policeman arrived at the scene of an attack, he was shocked to find that the suspect had several legally purchased weapons. Cremo reportedly had five firearms, including a Kel Tech SUB2000 rifle, that he hid in his car after the attack.

The rifle was one of five that he legally bought, as were four other weapons. Crimo also passed four background checks before he could purchase any of his firearms.

Despite the slew of guns and knives seized, investigators still do not know why Crimo decided to shoot the innocent crowd in Highland Park, Illinois. He allegedly had at least 60 rounds of ammunition in his car.

In addition to the gun, police seized 16 knives, a sword, and a dagger from the suspect’s home. It was rumored that Cremo had a fetish for knives and other bladed weapons.

While it is not uncommon for people with criminal backgrounds to be denied a firearms license, it is uncommon for someone who is mentally ill to be allowed to buy one. In fact, Crimo’s application for a gun license was deemed “low-level” and his application was approved despite his age.

However, Illinois law allows police to deny a firearms license to a mentally ill person. It is a red flag law that can be used to petition a judge to seize the weapon.

Whether or not the red flag law actually prevented the attack is still unknown. But in the aftermath of the shooting, a prosecutor praised the law as a “strong” measure.

Before he went on a killing spree, Crimo had a history of incidents with police. Two times in the past he had been reported as having suicidal thoughts, and once he was caught threatening to kill family members.

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