Waifumia in Video Games and Anime


Waifumia is the term given to a female who is portrayed as a man in a video game or anime. It is an extremely popular genre, and there are many different kinds of waifus. Some are very sexually attractive, while others are purely pretty. There are also a few waifus that are very cute, but still not sexually attractive.


Mikasa is a strong and powerful waifumia. She has a lot of strength and the ability to turn the tides of battle on her own. However, her emotions also make her dangerous.

She is very smart and is very loyal. Mikasa is also extremely cynical about life. But she has a very strong sense of right and wrong.

Her parents were murdered when she was nine years old. This is where she developed vengeful grudges against her enemies. Thankfully, Eren rescued her and brought her to his family.

Mikasa was raised by Eren Yeager and his family. When she was young, she was a cheerful child. It was not until later that she began to develop a cynical view of life.

She became emotionally withdrawn. In the manga, she was very much influenced by Eren. After his death, she began to lose her motivation to live.

As she grew older, she became a more difficult and dangerous person. But she continues to try to steer her friends in the right direction.

Mikasa is very well trained in fighting. She is also very good at using tactical gear. For instance, she can launch opponents bigger than her with ease.

Mikasa is also very intelligent. Her sense of right and wrong is great. Despite her powers, she never shows any arrogance.

Mikasa is often seen wearing a black scarf and a light cardigan. She is also known to wear a green cape with wings of freedom.

Mikasa is also a Survey Corps member. During her time in the military, she has perfected her skills. One of her greatest achievements was to kill an assailant.

Her skills as a soldier were so impressive that she gained a position in the elite 104th Training Brigade. Later, she ascended to become an official member of the 104th Inspection Unit.

Gen. Esdeath

Esdeath of Waifumia, also known as the “Ice Queen”, is one of the most powerful generals in the Empire. She is also the leader of the Jaegers, which are the Empire’s elite combat unit.

She possesses a unique ability: the ‘Trump Card’, which allows her to freeze time. This allows her to inflict pain on her enemies. It is also the reason why she was nicknamed the ‘Ice Queen’.

For the most part, Esdeath is a sadist, but she has a kind heart. In fact, she has a real sense of responsibility towards her subordinates and genuinely cares about them.

Even so, Esdeath is very much a ruthless individual. Her actions are the logical results of her ideology. Having been raised in a harsh environment, she learned to enjoy torturing people. Also, her passion for battle was strong.

She had a great amount of charisma. She is one of the few survivors of the Partas Clan. However, before she joined the military, she twisted her father’s philosophy.

In the manga, her breasts were inflated and exaggerated. But she is still cute.

Her hair is straight and thin. She has pale skin and sharp blue eyes. And her outfit has a deep v-cut.

Although she has a lot of powers, she doesn’t want to be overused. Rather, she will make sure no one uses her.

One of the ways Esdeath makes her mark is by having the best trump card. She makes it a point to torture her enemies slowly.

The other thing she does is creating an ejercito of soldados of ice. Each soldado of ice stores kinetic energy, which can be used to potentiate the tertiary card.

Yandere waifu

The yandere is a fictional character who is frequently portrayed as being chaotic and mentally unstable. It is also a synonym for a tsundere, a pathogically jealous narcissistic woman. However, not all yandere girls are deranged. They are also entertaining to watch.

One of the most common misconceptions about yanderes is that they are only used to harm or destroy a relationship. In reality, they can actually be beneficial to a love interest. Many yandere characters will go out of their way to enhance the lives of their love interests. For example, they might attempt to turn them into children, or give them false information about their lovers. These methods are all part of the process of strengthening the bonds between a love interest and yandere.

If you are not familiar with the term, yandere is a portmanteau of two Japanese words. The first is yanderu, which means “sick” and the second is yokan, which means to be mad. A yandere is basically an unhinged woman who has an unhealthy obsession with her love interest.

The yandere is a fictional archetype that was introduced in the early 2000s. This character type began to explode in popularity. Interestingly, the yandere can have many different traits, depending on the type of yandere.

A yandere can also be a character in a story, such as a sassy anime girl. This type of yandere is often sweet to their lovesick lover, but is more than a little creepy. Often, yandere characters are made up of a combination of the best elements of other types.

Depending on the yandere type, they may have the best intentions, but they can also cause significant harm. Some yanderes have even been known to murder their loved ones.

Kurisu from Steins;Gate

In the anime series Steins;Gate, Kurisu is the main protagonist. She is a young neuroscientist and member of the Future Gadget Lab.

In the first episode of the series, Okabe and Kurisu meet in a park. Okabe asks about her life. Her responses are vague.

Okabe calls her Christina. The girl also mentions her father. It turns out, Kurisu is a brain scientist at Victor Qondria University’s Brain Research Program.

As she is talking about her work, she mentions that she has been reading the internet. She uses Twitter and blogs. This is a sign that she has been keeping up with her friends.

Kurisu is a bit cynical about the whole thing. However, she is curious about the concept of time travel.

Although she does not have any knowledge about how to travel back in time, she does know that she can use a Time Leap Machine to jump backwards and forwards in time. Eventually, she decides to build one.

One of the most popular anime in history, Steins;Gate is a combination of action, romance, and comedy. Kurisu and Okabe are romantically bonded.

Kurisu is a clever girl with a love of science. She is curious about the time machine, but she isn’t sure if it will actually work.

Kurisu is a bit shy about her true feelings. She says that she doesn’t want to show weakness. But she is afraid of getting her hands dirty.

Okabe carries out Kurisu’s wishes. They are taken to the Steins Gate.

A brief discussion with Kurisu later, Okabe reveals her whereabouts. Later, Okabe gives Kurisu a lab pin.

Okabe also makes her a reservation at a motel. He is hesitant to go back in time. However, he eventually agrees to the plan.

Robert E.O. Speedwagon

Speedwagon is a character who is a major supporter of the Joestar family. He is also a character who appears in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R character trailer.

Speedwagon is a street brawler who grew up on Ogre Street. He is known for his flamboyant style. His outfit usually consists of a dark suit with a grey flattop. In addition to his slender build, he has a long, fair-haired head and tick eyebrows.

At the beginning of Phantom Blood, Speedwagon was a street thug boss who attacked Jonathan. The two were later friends. But Speedwagon was soon thrown out of the mansion as it burned.

Later, he befriended Tattoo and the Kempo Fighter. He was hired by Dio to kill his brother, Jonathan Joestar.

Although he is a businessman, he is still very much attached to the Joestar family. He is especially close to Joseph. However, he will not reveal any information about their life-threatening situation.

Speedwagon was born on October 16, 1863. While he lived a life of crime and thievery, he eventually became a successful businessman.

He founded the Speedwagon Foundation. He spent his time researching strange happenings in the world, such as the Pillar Men. And he used his fortune to help improve humankind.

In the end of the campaign, he reappears. His legacy remains through the Speedwagon Foundation, which aids future Joestars.

Throughout his life, Speedwagon has lost many members of his family. Some of these include: his mother, Lisa, who was murdered; his father, George; his sister, Erina; and his brother, Jonathan. This made him extremely emotional when a tragedy occurred.

During his time on Ogre Street, Speedwagon saw a young Jonathan who exhibited a strong spirit. Despite the fact that he was the leader of a gang of thugs, Speedwagon was impressed

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