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For people who are interested in playing a wordle, there are many different rules and regulations that they need to be aware of. Here are some of the most important ones you need to know about.

Rules and regulations

Weddle NFL Wordle is a wordle like game that challenges players to guess the names and positions of NFL players. It is a fun online game that is available for free. You can play it on your PC or mobile phone. This game is easy to learn and use, so anyone can try it. The rules are simple, but it still requires a bit of luck.

In this game, you will need to guess the name of an NFL player in as few attempts as possible. Once you have the right answer, you will be rewarded with a green tile. Yellow tiles indicate that the player is close to the correct answer, but is not quite there. These tiles will be yellow when you are two or three letters away from the answer.

When you have the letter or words, you will need to place them in the correct position. The letter or word will be placed in the correct column on the right side of the board.

As you progress, you will also have a chance to try the hard mode. On the hard mode, you will have 10 chances instead of the usual eight. Here, you will have to guess the names of all players, including offensive and defensive players. Some of these players include quarterbacks, tight ends, punters, and kickers.

Like other wordle games, Weddle also gives you clues to help you solve the puzzle. For instance, a green square indicates that you have the right letter, and the right placement. Another clue is the age of the player. However, if the player is younger than his age, you will have to move onto another player.


Weddle NFL is a daily word puzzle game inspired by Wordle. It uses the same Wordle game interface and scoring system, and allows players to guess the names of NFL players. But the game has a lot of new twists and features.

If you like playing word games, you will definitely enjoy this game. The game is easy to play. You can also post your score on social media. With each correct guess, you can unlock new levels.

You can play the game on any device. If you prefer, you can use an incognito browser to play. After each guess, you will get hints to help you solve the puzzle. Each color of the square indicates the amount of clues you are getting.

Players have eight chances to guess the mystery NFL player. The clues include the player’s team, division, age, height and position.

Weddle is a free game, and you can play it once per day. There is a hard mode and a normal mode. In the hard mode, you are given 10 tries to guess the correct answer.

When you choose the normal mode, you have to guess the name of the mystery NFL player in six tries. Once you do, you can get the solution and see a list of all of the answers. And you can even check out the archives.

In the hard mode, you can also guess the positions of all of the players. This includes kickers, punters, and offensive and defensive players. So you have to be careful when you play this game.

The game was created by two high school students. Their goal was to make an online game that would be similar to Wordle. They named it after Eric Weddle, who is a former NFL safety.

Players lists

Weddle NFL is a puzzle game that takes its inspiration from the Wordle game. In Weddle, players have to solve a five-letter mystery word and guess the name of an NFL player. The clues include the mystery player’s position, height and jersey number.

The game is available for free. Players are given eight chances to correctly identify the player. To make it more challenging, the developers have added a hard mode that requires players to guess the names of all players on the defense, offense and kickers.

The game’s creators responded to users’ demands for more challenging levels. They announced a harder version, which will be available in April.

For the regular mode, players have six tries to solve the mystery word. Each try reveals more clues. If the user gets the answer right, the game marks the answer as green. If the player gets it wrong, the yellow box indicating that the letter is in the wrong position.

The developers of the game also provide hints. This gives players an extra boost. When a clue is identified, it is saved and used later on.

Weddle is a free online game that is based on the NFL. It is designed for people who enjoy watching football matches. You can play it once a day.

Weddle is similar to Wordle in that it allows you to select an NFL player from a database. It will then provide you with clues and tips to help you solve the puzzle. It is similar to Wordle in that you can select players based on their positions and attributes. However, it offers more challenges than Wordle.

If you’re looking for a fun, simple game that will keep you occupied, then you should definitely check out Weddle.


The Wordle game is an interactive word guessing game. This five-letter word game has been popular since it was created in October 2021 by Josh Wardle. After the game became very popular, it generated new spinoffs. One of these is the Weddle game, which was created by two high school students. It is inspired by the NFL safety Eric Weddle and the San Antonio Spurs centre Jakob Poeltl.

To play the Weddle game, you need to guess the information about a famous NFL player. Each guess gives you clues such as the player’s jersey number, age, height, position, and team. When you guess the correct answer, you get a green box. If you guess incorrectly, you get a yellow letter.

The game offers two different levels: the normal and hard mode. In the hard mode, you have ten guesses instead of eight. You can track your streaks for each level separately. As you progress through the normal mode, you will be shown colored blocks that show you how close you are to guessing the right player.

The Weddle game is available for fans of every major American sports league. It is also free. Players can choose from more than 2000 possible players. They can also select from two different challenge modes. There is a random challenge mode and a challenge mode that requires you to guess the NFL player in eight guesses.

The Weddle game is now available for fans of the NHL and MLB. The Gordle game, which is inspired by Hockey Hall of Famer Gordie Howe, is also available for NHL fans. Other spinoffs include WARdle, which is named after the term Wins Above Replacement.

Star Wars

Weddle is a word game based on Wordle, a popular web based word game that has become a global phenomenon. The Weddle game was conceived in 2022 and has since spread like wildfire. It’s a great way for NFL fans to have some fun while still keeping the kids busy. You can play the free version on the Weddle website or get it for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The Weddle name is a nod to former NFL safety Eric Weddle, who made his way back to the NFL after a 14-season hiatus. The Star Wars themed game is not to be confused with the NHL version of Gordle, a popular game for hockey fans.

It’s not too hard to tell the name of the game, but there are actually several variations on the theme. The main difference is in the number of words you can use. A bare minimum of six will suffice. For harder modes, the game will give you up to 10 guesses. This is a big change from the usual three or four. Another change is in the graphics, which have been given a makeover. While the Wordle name may be a little dated, it’s still a pretty cool word game.

The Weddle name also hints at the game’s other responsibilities, which include updating the website and handling bugs. So while it is a great game, it’s also worth asking what’s in it for you. Hopefully you have a good time. You can even win some prizes. And who knows, you may have a chance at winning one of the many free prizes courtesy of the NFL! Until then, Happy Wordle! See you on the grid!

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