What is Anonposted?


Anonposted is a website where you can post anonymously on message boards. They have boards dedicated to different topics and communities so that you can post without a profile or name.

They have a lot of ads on the homepage that push you to sign up for VIP membership. They seem to be pushing it too hard and I don’t like that.

NSFW Message Boards

If you’ve ever sent an email to a friend or colleague at work, looked up something on a non-work website on company time or used your company email account for personal purposes, you have probably come across the term “not safe for work” (NSFW). This tag has become a standard warning that a person shouldn’t view this content when working, in a professional setting or with children.

NSFW message boards are forums where users can post edgy, explicit or potentially disturbing content. The content can range from sexually explicit to images that could cause severe distress, like videos and pictures of a fetus or people’s bodies with surgical procedures in them. The NSFW message board is often found on social media sites and online discussion boards, but it can also be attached to a blog or web page that contains edgy, sensitive or otherwise provocative content.

Discord, a voice-based chat service, recently announced that it will block servers that have been deemed NSFW from its iOS app and desktop software. It also allows a community deemed NSFW to appeal the classification. The company will not allow users under the age of 18 to join these communities and view their content on any platform, but will continue to host these NSFW communities for older people on its desktop and web apps. This is a major move that demonstrates the growing need for companies to enforce policies against the distribution of NSFW content on their websites.

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