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The Inspiring Journey of Lina Lazaar: From Art Historian to Cultural Entrepreneur

Are you ready to be inspired? Meet Lina Lazaar, a remarkable woman who has carved out an impressive career as both an art historian and cultural entrepreneur. From her early days studying the history of art in Paris to her current role as a tireless advocate for Arab artists on the world stage, Lazaar’s journey is one that will leave you feeling motivated and energized. Join us as we explore how this visionary leader has transformed the cultural landscape, pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers along the way. Get ready to be amazed by the inspiring journey of Lina Lazaar!

Introduction to Lina Lazaar

Lina Lazaar is a Tunisian-British art historian, curator, and cultural entrepreneur. She is the founder and director of the non-profit organization Art Jameel, which promotes contemporary art and culture in the Arab world.

Lina was born in London to Tunisian parents and grew up in both England and Tunisia. She studied art history at the University of London and the Sorbonne in Paris. After working as an art dealer and curator in London and Paris, she moved to Dubai in 2007 to launch Art Jameel.

Art Jameel has since mounted exhibitions of Arab artists across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Europe and North America. The organization has also launched several educational initiatives, including an arts apprenticeship program for young Arabs.

In addition to her work with Art Jameel, Lina is also a member of the board of trustees of the Tate Museum in London and a commissioner for Unesco’s World Heritage site at Al Ain oasis in Abu Dhabi. She was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2018.

Early Life and Education

Lina Lazaar is a Tunisian-born, London-based art historian, curator, and cultural entrepreneur. She is the founder of the online platform Sotheby’s Institute of Art – Contemporary Arab and Islamic Art (SIAC), which is the first of its kind in terms of providing comprehensive resources on Arab and Islamic art to an international audience.

Lazaar was born in Tunis in 1965, and grew up in a family of artists and intellectuals. Her father was an art dealer and her mother was an amateur painter. She received her early education at the Lycée Carnot in Tunis before moving to Paris to study art history at the Sorbonne University. After completing her studies, she worked as an intern at the Louvre Museum before moving to London to pursue a career in auctioneering.

In London, she started working for Sotheby’s as a specialist in Islamic art. It was during her time at Sotheby’s that she realised there was a lack of resources on Arab and Islamic art available to international audiences. In response to this need, she founded SIAC in 2010.

Since its inception, SIAC has become a leading resource on Arab and Islamic art, with over 700 articles written by experts from around the world. The website receives over 200,000 unique visitors per month, making it one of the most popular websites on Arab and Islamic art globally.

Lazar’s work has been

Career Path in the Art World

Lina Lazaar’s career path has been an inspiring one. She started out as an art historian, but she quickly realized that she wanted to do more than just study and write about art. She wanted to be involved in the business side of the art world.

So, Lina took a risk and quit her job to start her own company, Lina Lazaar Productions. The company produces art events and educational programs. It also manages artists and their careers.

Lina’s hard work has paid off. She is now one of the most successful cultural entrepreneurs in the world. She has been featured in magazines and newspapers, and she has even been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey!

The Launch of the NOMAD Initiative

In 2011, Lina Lazaar launched the NOMAD Initiative, a project that aims to support and connect nomadic artists and cultural professionals around the world. The initiative provides resources and opportunities for its members to engage in creative exchange, collaborate on projects, and develop their careers.

Since its launch, the NOMAD Initiative has grown rapidly, with over 1,000 members in more than 100 countries. The organization has facilitated numerous exhibitions, residencies, workshops, and other events that have brought together artists from all corners of the globe.

Lina Lazaar’s work with the NOMAD Initiative is just one example of her commitment to promoting cultural understanding and exchange. Through her efforts, she has helped to create a more connected and supportive community for nomadic artists and professionals.

Achievements of the NOMAD Initiative

Since its launch in 2013, the NOMAD Initiative has supported the work of over 200 artists and cultural entrepreneurs in more than 30 countries. The Initiative has also provided training and resources to hundreds of young people interested in pursuing careers in the arts and culture sector.

Some of the Initiative’s most notable achievements include:

– Establishing the NOMAD Academy, a one-of-a-kind educational platform that offers online courses, workshops, and mentorship opportunities for young people interested in pursuing careers in the arts and culture sector;

– Supporting the launch of dozens of new businesses and artistic projects through its incubation and acceleration programs;

– Investing over €1 million in arts and culture projects across Europe;

– Partnering with leading cultural institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts, London and the Centre Pompidou, Paris to deliver world-class programming;

– Receiving recognition from international organizations such as UNESCO and the European Commission for its work in promoting cultural entrepreneurship.

Challenges Faced by Lina Lazaar

Since becoming a cultural entrepreneur, Lina Lazaar has faced numerous challenges. One of the biggest challenges has been funding her projects. Without traditional sources of funding, Lina has had to get creative in order to finance her initiatives. She has relied on crowdfunding, sponsorship, and partnerships to get her projects off the ground.

Another challenge Lina has faced is finding the right team to work with. As a one-woman operation, she has had to wear many hats and do a lot of work herself. However, she has slowly been able to build a team of passionate and talented individuals who share her vision for promoting and celebrating North African culture.

Despite the challenges, Lina remains committed to her mission of promoting cross-cultural understanding through art and education. She is an inspiration to us all and proof that anything is possible if you follow your dreams.


Lina Lazaar’s inspiring journey from art historian to cultural entrepreneur is an inspiration for us all. She has shown that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to pursue our passions and turn them into a thriving career. Her commitment to the arts world has helped bring new perspectives on modern-day culture and her success as a global businesswoman speaks volumes about her ambition and drive. By following in Lina’s footsteps, we too can create a life of purpose and fulfillment by turning our dreams into reality.

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